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Talking About Flowers and Bouquets

Hi there, my name is Leo. Welcome to my website about flowers and bouquets. Throughout my childhood, we lived next to a large field full of flowers. My siblings and I would run into the field and pick a variety of flowers to arrange in a beautiful bouquet. Needless to say, our dinner table always had a handpicked flower centerpiece that brightened up the house. I will use this site to talk about the various flowers suited for bouquet arrangements. I will share my knowledge about creating beautiful bouquets using materials you likely already have at home. Please visit my site again soon to learn more.

Alternatives To A Traditional Wedding Bouquet

Weddings are expensive affairs, and some of the largest wedding costs are for things that will last only for a day. Some brides and grooms consider the exorbitant cost of fresh flowers and their fleeting nature and choose to go another direction, especially for the bridal bouquet. If the bridal bouquet is made of something other than fresh flowers, it can last for years and if properly cared for, could be passed on to the couple's future children on their wedding days. Consider some of the following alternatives to traditional wedding bouquets.

Paper Flowers

Intricately designed paper flowers can make a beautiful bouquet for a bride. And the best part is that they aren't bound by nature. Any sort of fanciful color or creation the bride desires can be made. A paper flower bouquet can even be a DIY affair. Imagine how much more meaningful a bridal bouquet would be if it was made by the bride with help from her bridesmaids and family members. Or even by a creative groom!

Leather Rose Bouquets

Leather rose bouquets would be a beautiful addition to many different themed weddings. One with an old-fashioned feel or a rustic one held on a farm would both be beautifully complemented by a leather rose bouquet. 

Silk Bouquets

Fake flowers that you can spot coming a mile away are in the past. Today's silk flowers are just as beautiful as the real thing, and they can fool even the most eagle-eyed aunt. Silk bouquets are a wonderful option for winter weddings, when flowers are out of season and can cost a lot of money. 


Wreaths are a new trend in bridal bouquet alternatives. They can be designed with silk flowers, dried herbs, tiny photographs or anything else meaningful to the couple getting married. They also serve as a wonderful keepsake for the bride and groom and they can even hang the bridal wreath on their front door after the big day.


For a beach of casual summer wedding, brightly colored pinwheels are a beautiful alternative to bridal bouquets. The bride could even choose to have her bridesmaids carry them as well. Pinwheels can come in a variety of colors and sizes, and also can be a fun DIY project for the bridal party. 


For an evening wedding, lanterns can be used as an unusual alternative to a bridal bouquet. They can add extra mood lighting to the ceremony, giving the evening a special glow. A lantern also can hold a special spot in the new couple's home as a memory of their special day. 

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